Thursday, January 15, 2009

Martha Fernández - Sardina:

Why believe in a god

They ask.

Adapted from this source: "Today's Catholic." December 19, 2008. Furnished bio: "Martha Fernández - Sardina is Director of the archdiocesan Office for Evangelization and an international bilingual speaker and teacher. She previously served as archdiocesan director for Evangelization for the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C."

¡Adelante, profe!

Why believe in a god? they ask

"Glad you asked!

"I'll tell you why!

"[T]he most recent atheistic move to try to rain on our parade and undermine our Christian celebration of Christmas is Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness' sake.

"Sponsored by the American Humanist Association, their plan is [was!] to display colorful godless greetings during the so - called holiday season on 200 buses in Washington, D.C.

"For all their disbelief, some atheists sure have a thing with God!

"They can't get over him!

"As a matter of act, many atheists seem to to be obsessed with his existence.

"But beyond that, the most militant among them them have become increasingly in vested in attacking and undermining religious belief -- particularly Christianity -- no longer content with with simply questioning or refuting its principle beliefs and practices.

"No, militant atheists are interested in displacing Christian beliefs from society at all levels and replacing them with secular humanist beliefs -- for, in case you haven't noticed, believing there is no God is a belief, and professing that there is no God is a profession of faith,of a belief, of a creed.

"So, even atheists believe -- misguided or incomplete as their belief may be.

Her suggestion?

"If God exists, we better be believing!

"If he does and we don't, we will have missed out on quite a bit -- and will bear the consequences of that unbelief.

"To my fellow Catholic Christians I say:

"Go, now, believe and be good for eternal happiness' sake; announce joyfully these glad tidings of great joy for all people; and have yourself a very Merry Christmas!"

Thanks, profe, well said!


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