Monday, January 24, 2011

Pope Benedict XVI "... with regard to the use of condoms..."

In an Inside The Vatican Letter to the Editor (January 2011) writer Mr. John F. Kippley clarifies Pope Benedict XVI 's condom comment!

"The Pope's Controversial Remarks.

"Having just received my second copy of Inside The Vatican, I was concerned to read a letter that seriously misrepresents what the Pope said with regard to the use of condoms.

"He did not say that it is better to choose the lesser of two evils.

"Rather, he recognized that in his imaginary case of a male prostitute using a condom to prevent the transmission of a deadly disease while doing sodomy, there are two sins.

"The needless transmission of a life - threatening disease is a sin against the Fifth Commandment.

"The sin of sodomy is a sin against the Sixth Commandment which obviously covers more sins than adultery.

"The effort to reduce the risk of disease transmission may alleviate somewhat the person's sin against the Fifth Commandment.

"It does not in any way alleviate the grave sin of sodomy.

"In my opinion [mine too, seƱor! :) ], the Pope needs some better public relations people, and I wonder about the prudence of discussing such an issue in an interview with a journalist.

"Perhaps this incident illustrates that the promise of infallibility is is no way a promise of never erring regarding prudence..."

"John F. Kippley"

Amen to all the above, Brother!! :)


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