Thursday, October 06, 2011

Southwest Texas!

78832 U.S.A.

And Young Adults (Y.A.s) from Brackettvilles' Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish are making the newspapers.

Three recent, randomly - selected examples from both newspapers:

YA Yolanda Rueda -- pioneering BISD's "Culinary Arts Academy." And it's already a go! "Seven Strong," we believe ... :)

YA Javier Valdez -- BISD's Maintenance & Custodial Supervisor... his department is a.k.a. the "B.I.S.D. Secret Service Agents..." 'Cause they are -- unhappily! -- all too often! -- invisible! :)

YA Diana Hernandez Flores -- BISD's Migrant Educational Aid -- self - described proudly as both "Catholic" and "Republican!" :)

Funny statistical thing:
We'll bet you that at least TWO(2) of these great people have had at least ONE(1) free complementary copy of the Inside The Vatican magazine.


At least ONE(1) of these good people has not! :(

So, if someone is that "people" they need to let someone know, so this sad oversight can be speedily remedied! :)


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