Wednesday, November 09, 2011

San Antonio, Texas: U.S. Capitol of Your 50,000 Cheat'en Hearts♫ ??!!

A snippet from Father Samuel Heitkamp, of
Today's Catholic. Friday, November 4, 2011..

"Still Ten Commandments?"

"Over the news releases the last six or so weeks I was beginning to wonder if perhaps we had dropped one or more of God's Ten Commandments.

"It all started with the news that there was a new internet dating service of married individuals seeking to cheat on their marriage.

"That same news release pointed out that San Antonio was the nation's location for the most subscribers to this dating service to cheat on their marriage.

"The news was that there were well over 50,000 San Antonio subscribers.

"This number would fill the AT & T Center two - and - a- half times.

"In a way it is humorous that the gay and lesbian community wants to get married, even though the definition of marriage needs to be changed to do so.

"Yet in the heterosexual community many, even senior citizens are choosing to live together out of marriage.

"Seniors have chosen cohabitation over marriage so as not to lose their deceased spouse's Social Security and / or pension.

"In reality we need to put God in the center of our lives, where presently we have placed ourselves..."

Way to go, Padre! :)


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