Friday, May 04, 2012

Tal vez es un joven dichoso reverendo hermano hombre, el SeƱor Pete Perez... :)

"You can't say my family is not from Brackettville..."

Because he's the "Grandson of  G.C. Talamantes and son of Roger and Zulema Perez..."


His mail addressed to yours truly yesterday  asks all of us "Dear Friends and Dear Fellow Citizens" our votes for a mayoral candidate who published front page anonymous attack adds weeks and weeks before publicly admitting authorship, which is not for me.

Sorry folks.

Anytime you've something to say against anyone else who is already working in public service make sure they know you're the enemy.

It's simple fair play and justice! 

And, yes!

I (to abuse the vertical pronoun ) do respect Mr. Perez's obvious sincerity and enthusiasm.

But, depending on how things go, Mr. Perez just may find out within a year or so that he has been sucker - punched ... 

Big time ... :(


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