Thursday, May 31, 2012

"With Santa Anna in Texasa personal narrative"

By José Enrique de la Peña . (Editor) Carmen Perry +  introduction by  Llerena Friend.

Fantastic reading, like a sort of alternative history novel ... :)

Hint: Do you think the British Army's medical service was el su*ko in the Crimean War?

Think again: Try Santa Anna's malign neglect of even the most elementary medical care for his hundreds of Mexican wounded after the Alamo

A callous view would be that -- thanks to Santa Anna! -- the Texans at the Alamo didn't have any wounded to care for.

Including the six (6) or seven (7) survivors taken alive, all Texans were summarily dispatched.

Among them  "the American naturalist"  Davy Crockett -- whose death under torture immediately after the battle won him the respect and admiration of eye - witness Don José Enrique - - who felt obliged to turn his head from the grisly sight...


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