Friday, June 15, 2012

Going on 46 year ago this August in Camp Pendleton, California..

A bunch of us U.S. Marine ITR trainees  were jogging along with our M - 1s at sling arms,

chanting such inspiring lines as:

♪ Chesty, Chesty, can't you see? ♫

♫ This PT is killing me! ♪


♫ I don't want no BAR! ♪

♪ I just want a CANDY BAR ♫

♪ Lead me to a coke machine! ♫

♫ 'Cause I'm just a CANDY - A*SS Marine! ♪

Ah! Such memories of having been privileged to have served alongside those heroes of MCRD Platoon 1025:

The "Allegedly Mother - Fixated Bright Boys of the Summer of 1966!"

Published years ago on this same blog ... :)


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