Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July, 2012 -- it's  time to take $$Financial$$ stock re projected contributions to "favorite funds!"

Plus side:

KCL Friends: $1,400 so far this year.

Mens & Womens ACTS Catholic Revival Retreats: $500.00 so far + another $560.00 by this November.

Negative side:

Medicare Monthly deduction: $99.99 -- starting this month.

Possible attorney fees to regain my 4th Amendment rights to "mind my own business at the KCL -- free from constant KCL employee male on male physical stalking and unwanted verbal harassment..."

Because the "perp" made his first overt pass on his own married latina supervisor sometime back -- and apparently got away with it -- he figures he can make moves on anyone else, too.

Example: in her case, it was a note asking her to "be friends" and that he'd left her some paintings and that she was free to pick any she pleased.

Example: in my most recent case, Monday, July 2, 2012, in the Frittir Room -- in the presence of numerous witnesses -- he forced himself into my personal space and bragged of  how he'd been watching what in the pornography trade used to be called a "snuff flick."

In this case a woman was cutting the head off a man with a small knife, while he was still alive...

Bear in mind  this KCL employee has unrestricted supervision over children on both Saturdays & Sundays...:(

Basically, in spite of a cultivated glib and cheerful personality, this man has a very controlling, jealous and manipulative personality -- one, moreover, utterly without concern for others....

An almost classic profile of a habitual predator.

In any case:

I promptly made my concerns known to Kinney County Commissioner Mr. Dennis Dodson --- in writing only! -- and to KCL Director, Mrs. Sarah Terrazas in both writing and oral briefing, Thursday July 5, 2012.

In her case I was careful to assure her I wasn't "gay bashing" nor "homophobic" but -- in so many words! -- I didn't like other men coming on to me sexually -- that this situation had to stop.


Because as a matter of fact the majority of gay males I've known have been law - abiding individuals; it is the ones like we're dealing with here  that give the gay community as a whole an undeserved bad name..

Think about it! :)


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