Wednesday, August 08, 2012

"No! You are NOT alone ..."

Pope's cheering message for divorced and remarried Catholic couples, whether in Brazil or in Saint Mary Magdalene's parish community in Brackettville, Texas 78832!

Snippets from Inside The Vatican magazine. June - July 2012. Sandro Magister's report "Benedict Finds the Good Wine in Milan."

"In reality, this problem of the divorced and remarried is one of the great sufferings of the Church  of today ....

 "It seems to me a great task for a parish, for a Catholic community, to make it really possible for them to feel that they are not outside even if they cannot receive absolution and the Eucharist: they must see that even in this way they live fully in the Church.

"Then it is also very important that they feel that the Eucharist is true and participated  in if they really enter into communion with the body of Christ.

"Even without the corporal reception of the sacrament, we can be spiritually united with Christ in his body.

"I think that their suffering, if it is really accepted internally, is a gift for the Church.

"They must know that precisely in this way they are serving the Church, they are in the heart of the Church ..."

Great teaching points, Holy Father! :)

PS Saint Mary Magdalene's in Brackettville: are we really listening??!!


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