Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mexican News Radio -- aka Información sin fronteras -- still running amok over Jail Break of the Millennium!

 El Señor Presidente: "This is deplorable! Over the past few years at least 1,000 such state prisoners have escaped custody. But! Not one in Federal Custody!"

Other Sources: "The public is living in a state of psychosis....!"

Mexican Human Rights Organizations: "we find that conditions in the Piedras Negras' state prison are inhumane to begin with -- no adequate  provision for drinking water and food, etc..."

Bishop Alonso Gerardo Garza Treviño: "No one is in control of that institution ..."

Last night's broadcast: "Zaragosa: police have just recaptured 2 escapees driving a four - wheel drive Jeep Wagoneer -- with Texas' license plates. Both men  had an arsenal of automatic weapons plus at least one grenade launcher...

"American law enforcement agencies in Eagle Pass, Texas, etc. -- have been provided with photos and descriptions of all escapees ...

 "U.S. Border Patrol, State Police and American Intelligence are by now all involved -- the patrulla from day one, as they have been employing constant helicopter and motor boat patrolling all along the Rio Bravo ...

"Panic on the part of our own top law enforcement officers -- increasing the size of their personal retinues of armed guards to dozens or more-- seems to be fueling even more psychosis among our fellow citizens ...

"Today an armed commando of four criminals hijacked a passenger bus of the Coahuila  Line and robbed 42 passengers at gunpoint of cash only.

"As far is known, not one passenger made an official report ... "

"One other escapee --  a teenager -- was picked up as well today. His story is that during the uproar he casually strolled out the main gate and took off.  When asked why, he said he was tired of being hungry all the time. Local cops promised to see what they could do about that!"  :)


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