Friday, October 26, 2012

Flash Bulletin!! 

The venom  of the Brown Recluse Spider has a tremendous capacity to produce necrotic tissue!

Yet, Father Moreno said yesterday that massive doses of antibiotics are helping him cope with his Brown Recluse Spider bite!

Southwest Texas U.S.A.

Brackettville 78832.

Yet another YA from Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Church on the move!

Mrs. Francisca "Chica" Hernandez honored as Kinney County Post's "Teacher of the Week" Thursday, October 18, 2012.


"The math teacher was raised helping her dad, a sheep shearer, now her boys work with the sheep.

"She is very active with the A.C.T.S. Community at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church.

"Having a family and home is a busy life, add teaching,  being the cheerleaders' sponsor and a Brackettville City Council Member makes for an even more busy life.

"Priorities are important to the Hernandez Family ...." 

You can bet on that! :)


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