Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Members of the Brackettville, Texas family of the Goodloes 

 -- including their sister Mrs. Augusta Pines! -- 

are rightly proud of their Seminole Scout ancestor Joseph Phillips.

He in turn, was proud of his service with Lieutenant Bullis

"The scouts thought a lot of Bullis.

"Lieutenant Bullis was the only officer ever did stay the longest with us.

"That fella suffered just like we - all did out in the woods.

"He was a good man.

"He was an Injun fighter.

"He was tuff.

"He didn't care how big a bunch dey wuz, he went into 'em, every time, but he look after his men.

"He didn't stand back and say Go yonder; he would say, Come on boys, let's go get 'em ..."

From pages 259 - 260 of Roy L. Swift's Three Roads To Chihuahua  ....

Special thanks to Mrs. Augusta Pines for her kindness in alerting us to this family connection a few months back! :) 


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