Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oops! Forgot the "Let us pray" Conclusion! :(

Tribute to a dear departed friend and neighbor from the Texas' Brackettville Housing Authority -- Zip 78832.

La Señora Celinda Salazar.

Who died one week ago today from a sudden onslaught of lethal cancer...

"The Good Father, Lord of Charity, who embraced Celinda Salazar so tenderly in her lifetime, today opened to her the doors of Paradise.

"The angels have come to her and the Blessed Virgin Mary has personally given our dear departed sister Celinda the crown of victory, because she, la Guadalupana, better than  anyone, knows what it takes to give her life for love, just as Celinda did ...


"Eternal Rest grant unto her oh Lord...

"And let Perpetual Light shine upon her!

"May the soul of Celinda Salazar and those of all the faithfully departed brothers and sisters in Christ -- whose names we have ever been able to recall in the past or whose names we will ever be able to call to mind in the future -- through the mercy of God rest in peace.


Original English - language version published in the website of the Diocese of Córdoba, Spain ...

Picked - up from that source by Inside The Vatican Magazine, January 2013.


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