Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Latest word on "missing" Kinney County, Texas KCL employee:

In effect we're told:

"He can stay missing -- on unpaid leave -- up to three (3) months before being fired..."

Thus, the fact that he refuses to answer his cell phone or to acknowledge urgent  text messages sent to him  by his supervisor are both legally irrelevant.

The more so as his supervisor confirms he did have the good sense to turn in his keys before leaving "for two weeks, maybe more..."

And, now it seems, the Kinney County Judge and his Kinney County Board of Commissioners are legally prohibited from hiring a replacement or taking any other action... 

So -- how much of the above is even true, if any of it? 

Because I -- What exactly constitutes a Kinney County, Texas employee -- for payroll and benefits purposes -- under the laws governing such things in Texas' Vernon's Statutes (or some such thing!)?  

Because II -- He was dropped from the rolls of a special grant last Fall -- for reasons no one cares to publicly discuss! -- and only then picked up by the official Kinney County payroll starting less than six months back -- as the replacement for a departing  long - time KCL employee -- Ms. Lydia Solis ... :)


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