Monday, April 08, 2013

Nashville, Tennessee's Southern Baptist Convention Headquarters Bureacrats ...

vs. the Vatican's Curia Bureaucrats.

Who has the most muscle? :)

"What is the Curia?"

By Monsignor Owen F. Campion. Associate Editor of Our Sunday Visitor  Newsweekly. Sunday, April 7, 2013.

"The [curial] offices in Rome are made up of priests, nuns and lay people, helping the Pope govern the Church.

"The presumption that enormous numbers of priests and nuns work in the Vatican, running a vast empire, especially amused me when I was a priest in Nashville, Tennessee, which is the administrative headquarters of the Southern Baptist Convention.

"Baptists often criticize the Catholic Church for being excessively, even tyrannically, centralized, top heavy with an immense clerical bureaucracy in which everyone lives off the fat of the land.

"More than a few Baptists were surprise  to learn that their headquarters hired more than twice as many employees as the Vatican had on its payroll..."

Way to go, Padre! :) 


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