Thursday, July 25, 2013


¬°Ay, R.P. Juan - Carlos Iscara!

Dime con quien andas y yo te digo quien eres... :)

In spite of the fact that two SSPX priests + one SSPX brother publicly flaunted their hatred and contempt for Our Lady of Guadalupe and her Son Jesus Christ by  hanging her image in front of an open toilet and His -- The Last Supper --  in the Religious mens' rectory upstairs latrine...

Yet, we see:

You're still loyal to them, but why??

All this was from the summer of 2002 to June 2003.

 At Jesus and Mary Chapel in El Paso, Texas.

To confirm the accuracy of these blasphemies by two independent witnesses -- please call Brother Rene or Brother Gabriel at:

1 - 800 - 966 - 7337.

Brother Rene direct at (816) 820 - 4006.

Thank you, Padre!

After all, both you and I know that the Aztecs worshiped a special goddess aka "the eater of filth" as "the patroness of privies and venereal disease."

Good luck when your time comes to account for all your current assistance to these SSPX blasphemers.

PS I believe we met in Saltillo over 21 years ago, believe it or not!

I recognized you immediately in a recent SSPX photo... :)

Cabe mencionar -- we attended a great Epiphany party at your Gomez Palacio priory in 2000

With rosca de reyes

Young Sr. Soto got 2 plastic baby Jesus in just one slice! :)


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