Wednesday, September 04, 2013

San Antonio Archbishop Gustavo Garcia - Siller reveals to local Salesian Sisters  Pope Francis' spiritual roots with Saint Don Bosco!

From the Friday, August 23, 2013 edition of Today's Catholic. By Carol Bass Sowa.

"The archbishop said he learned that the pontiff was baptized by Salesian Father Cayetano Bruno, who was a great influence in his life and helped him apply for the seminary at Villa Devoto.

"And, when he was 13, Jorge Mario Bergoglio entered Wilfrid BarĂ³n Salesian College in Ramos Mejia where he recived first prize for conduct, religion and the Gospel."

As Archbishop Gustavo then commented:

"So now we are enjoying, thanks to St. John Bosco, a Jesuit pontiff baptized and educated by Salesians!

"And he still excels in conduct, religion, and the Gospel!"

Way to go, your excellency! :)


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