Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Mr. Joaquin Solis, age 12, of Spofford bags deer"

From: A front page colored - photo caption in The Brackett News, Thursday January 22, 2009.

In part, this caption tells us:

"Mr. Joaquin Solis, 12, of Spofford bagged this 130 class Whitetail Buck on the Dailey Ranch in Live Oak County.

"Joaquin is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex and Yolis Solis.

"Pictured from left, [are] Mr. Pete Dailey and Mr. Joaquin Solis."

"Pinales graduates UTPA"

"Mr. Arnold Pinales, Jr. son of Rev. Arnold and Mrs. Rocio Pinales of Brackettville, graduated from the University of Texas -- Pan American on December 13, 2008.

"Mr. Pinales was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Biology and will pursue a career with Texas Parks and Wildlife."

Way to go, Mr. Pinales!

I had four siblings who attended classes there in what used to be called PAN AM COLLEGE; three of them took classes in biological sciences.

However, as I recall, only one perosn from my family actually graduated from PAN AM, and that was my mom, after taking around a 40 year break from higher ed.

I seem to recollect she then taught highschool English in Weslaco, after she'd previously taught in the old Migrant Program in Donna while studying for her degree at nights.

Sounds like you're heading for a fascinating career, good luck! :)

"Ms. Maddie Frerich wins prize for her Most Improved Feeder at the 2009 Kinney County Livestock Show & Sale"

Congratulations, Maddie!


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