Monday, January 26, 2009

More from the astral plane of UTEP Cowboy Lit 1318 v.

"When Only the Bad Died Old"

Marshall Grover's Larry & Stretch episode where the then - teenage Texas Confederate Cavalrymen -- and future legendary Texas Trouble - Shooters -- meet their real - deal Virginia life - saver, and future Colorado lawman Ansell Boyd, who we can be sure!

Will indeed be back in their lives again within a quarter of a century: The Lawman Wore Black.

Adapted from pages 1 to 3.

"November 24th, 1863.

"In the area near Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge, Tennessee, Confederate Cavalry had been scattered by Union artillery and heavy casualties inflicted.

"Lieutenant Ansell Boyd, about to turn his mount eastward to seek survivors of his regiment, took a moment to use his field - glasses.

"Had he not done so, two young cavalrymen would not have lived to see this day's sundown.

"They were pinned down.

"Their horses must have been shot from under them he surmised, because they had sought cover in a shell hole.

"Why weren't they firing at the ten Northern infantrymen advancing on them from the west?

"Only one explanation; they had used up their ammunition.

"He didn't recognize them.

"Da*m*n it, they weren't 4th Virginia Cavalry.

"Plainly, they too had become separated from their comrades in the heat of battle.

"Could he reach them unscathed, give them a fighting chance?

"[H]e chided himself, You're a fool if you try, but what's your alternative? Pretend ignorance of their plight?

"Before beginning his run to the shellhole, he dismounted and moved among several of the fallen, two dead cavalrymen, their gray uniforms bloodstained, two blue uniformed bodies.

"He checked the loading of the weapons of these fatalities, a Spencer carbine, a Remington percussion pistol with four live rounds in its cylinder, a fully - loaded Army Colt, the 1860 model.

"All right, his own pistol had been reloaded a short time before.

"Hefting the Spencer and with the spare pistols rammed into his belt, he remounted, sank spur and started for the shellhole at a gallop.

"The ball from a field piece landed twenty - five yards to his left.

"An artillery shell exploded closer.

"The horse balked, neighing shrilly, but he maintained control and kept moving.

"Bullets sped his way.

"The din of battle was deafening, but he pressed on, reached the near edge of the hole and hustled his mount into it.

"The troopers,sprawled side by side at the hole's west edge, greeted him with curt nods -- the nerve of them -- one remarking he hoped the spare weapons weren't empty.

"he was dark - haired,a good - looking youth.


"Like his blond and homely companion, he looked to be no more than a boy.

"The young officer swung down, tossed the carbine, then the pistols, and brusquely assured the boys that, with his own pistol fully loaded, they had fire - power enough to discourage the oncoming [Union] infantrymen.

"The taller boy grabbed for the pistols, the other one settled for the carbine.

"Boyd crouched beside them, and said,


And for the next 264 pages this LARGE PRINT version of a good story continues to move ... :)


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