Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh, that warm and fuzzy black magic!

The kind that muzzles our priests and deacons...

"[H]e said, I dedicated it [a cup of the victim's blood] to the Santissima Muerte."

Adapted from this original source: "Intercepted call helped solve pair of grisly slayings -- S.A. native in squad of young hit men pleaded guilty in border case." By Ms. Susan Carroll. The San Antonio EXPRESS - NEWS, Sunday, January 18, 2009.

"Eleven days earlier, Jorge Poncho Aviles, 19, and Inez Villarreal, 14, were abducted from a nightclub in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico,taken to an abandoned house south of the border, tortured, gutted and then burned in 55 - gallon drums, according to recently unsealed federal court records.

"On the recording, [Gabriel] Cardona said Aviles died first, after begging for his life.

"[H]e [Cardona] said, I grabbed a (expletive) bottle, and slash! I slit his whole (expletive) belly. And poom! He was bleeding, I grabbed a little cup and poom, poom! I filled it with blood and poom! I dedicated it to the Santisima Muerte, (the Saint of Death).

"The [recorded] conversation with hit man Rosalio Bart Reta would prove to be a key piece of evidence in a federal case that could land Cardona,who is already serving an 80 - year prison sentence for convictions on five state murder charges, with a potential life sentence.

"In August, the San Antonio native pleaded guilty to a federal charge of conspiracy to kill and kidnap in a foreign country for the murders of Aviles and Villarreal.

"He is scheduled for sentencing this spring..."


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