Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Organization to assist fleeing journalists delivers statement at UTEP"

The UTEP Prospector's Ms. Adriana Gómez Licón has this week's story.

Adapted from Tuesday's edition, February 24, 2009

¡Adelante, Adriana!

Caption of photo by The UTEP Prospector's own Mr. Fernie Castillo reads:

"Jorge Luis Aguirre (right) director of news Web site La Polaka, fled to El Paso in November after receiving death threats."

Now, an excerpt from Ms. Gómez Licóns featured article:

"Months after fleeing Mexico because of death threats they claim to have received, editor Jorge Luis Aguirre and reporter Emilio Gutiérrez Soto, Mexican editor and reporter will b epart of the new organization PEMEXX, which stands for Mexican Journalists in Exile.

"During a press conference that took place Feb. 20 at UTEP's College of Business Administration, Gutiérrez Soto, who worked as a reporter for El Diario del Noreste in the city of Ascención, Mexico, said he lived in terror in Mexico since he received death threats.

"Jorge Luis Aguirre, the director of news Web site La Polaka, said he fled to El Paso in November when he received a death threat telling him he'll be the next [one to die] after Armando Rodriguez, reporter for El Diario de Juarez, was killed Nov. 13 in Cd. Juárez..."

A good read!!


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