Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI kicks butt on Brackettville, Texas' St. Mary Magdalene's Liturgical Committee Gone Wild!!

And their wildly *u*c*ed*up indoor paper - trash burning Misa Mayombera!

Adapted from Homiletic & Pastoral Review, March 2009. Page 12. An article by Mr. Paul Kokoski, "Liturgical relativism."

"Pope Benedict XVI has pointed out, for example, how the turning of the priest toward the people no longer opens out on what lies ahead and above [but] has turned the community into a self - enclosed circle.

"The priest is no longer an intermediary between God and man but is rather a presider upon whom everything depends."

So, here the Pope, speaking back when he was still Cardinal Ratzinger let's fly:

"We have to see him [even when it's Rev. Pius Ezeigbo and Deacon James Bader playfully reenacting albeit with mock - seriousness some really wild & degraded pagan mumbo - jumbo ala the Palo Mayombé notion of priesthood, that is, of acting out their fantasy - roles as genuine shadowy paleros, nganguleros, etc.], to respond to him, to be involved in what he is doing, his creativity sustains the whole thing."

Oh, my!

So where does this all leave
El Dios Mayombero?

And St. Mary Magdalene's laugh - out - loud Liturgical Committee? :)

"Not too surprisingly, people try to reduce this newly created role by assigning all kinds of liturgical functions to different individuals and entrusting the creative [Pope Benedict's original emphasis!] planning of the liturgy to groups of people who like to, and are supposed to, make their own contribution [again, the Pope's own emphasis!].

"Less and less is God in the picture..."


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