Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mrs. Elda Terraza's niece Ms. Marisol Aguirre knocks'em dead in BHS mixed doubles at Uvalde tennis meet!

Adapted from The Brackett News, Thursday, March 12, 2009.

"The mixed doubles team of Mr. Ramón Gutierrez and Ms. Marisol Aguirre beat teams from Comfort and Uvalde before losing to another Uvalde team in the championship round to bring home silver medals."

'Way to go guys!

St. Mary Magdalene's Ms. Icela Rueda helps score in Girls' Track in La Pryor meet on March 5

"In the 800 Relay, Ms. Samantha Moore, Ms. Harmony Pettet, Ms. Icela Rueda and Ms. Cheyenne Smith placed third with a time of 1:53.6 .

"Ms. Rachel Nash, Ms. Harmony Pettet, Ms. Katie Braesicke and Ms. Icela Rueda placed third in the 1600 Relay with a time of 4:26.03 .

"In the 800 meter race, Ms. Icela Rueda placed third with a time of 2:43.6."


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