Thursday, November 10, 2011

Could it possibly be that Mexico is right now approaching what the Marxists used to call a pre - revolutionary state?

The past several weeks have seen local Mexican radio spots out of Ciudad Piedras Negras -- possibly Catholic Church - sponsored! -- speaking of the criteria needed before "a just war" could be fought.

This made no sense to yours truly personally as the U.S. seems to be winding things down.

Then, last night, the penique dropped!


Perhaps as a last ditch effort to stave off a total collapse into the unrelieved horror of massive anarchy and even worse chaos -- the Mexican government is apparently soliciting the active support of at least some Mexican bishops for a sort of joint Church - State Guerra Santa or Holy War -- against the Drug Cartels, no less!

More on last night:

A bewildered group of Mexican Radio News reporters from XEMU -- La Rancherita del Aire -- were cautiously debating the recent legal crackdown on anyone participating in any number of ways that could be even remotely construed as giving aid and comfort to the enemy...!

As one person commented So maybe we'll no longer be able to play corridos from Los Tigres del Norte ..."


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