Monday, April 23, 2012

B.H.S. Class of 2010 now has a "Pioneer Number 4"

As Mr. Raúl Rivas keeps ties locally, too! 

Along  with such Class of 2010 peers as Mr. Daniel Molinar, Mr. Gerald Lee DeHoyos and primo Mr. Roland Rivas.

Although pursuing his education 40 miles to the North in Uvalde, Raúl is still  resisting the urge to "escape to Planet Earth!" :)

Like his peers, he, too!

"Is helping reverse the Kinney County brain - drain... "

From cutting the rug with Ms. Nydia Talamantes in their star roles as 2010 Prom King & Queen  -- to participating in the recent MENS ACTS Retreat at Saint  Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in Brackettville, Texas 78832 -- to recently getting a pretty pink and white candy - striped bicycle for his three - year old niece, Raúl has what it takes.

As even an Episcopal member of our own extended family in far - off San Angelo was duly informed, nearly two years ago::

"... he has a pleasant blend of humor and professionalism, as he watchfully helps younger and less experienced altar servers at Mass ..." 

Way to go, Raúl! :)


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