Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Yet another snippet!



"Is The Rosary A Prayer Of Vain Repetitions? 

"Part 2.

JWs vs. Raymond De Souza, KM

The Catholic newspaper The Wanderer. Thursday, May 3, 2012.

 JWs' Question:

"So, are you saying that your rosary is inspired in the Bible?"

SeƱor De Souza's Answer:

"Actually, yes.  The rosary is simply a way of keeping  order, dividing the prayers in distinct sections.  Let me give you another example, straight from the Bible. Take Psalm 119 (119, depending on the version).  It is the longest psalm in the Bible, having 176 verses.  On the whole, the psalm is  a persistent repetition of the main theme, that is, of the excellence of keeping the law of God.  It makes an excellent meditation and prayer of repetition -- like the rosary -- beautiful, pious, and thoroughly biblical ..."  


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