Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Paris, France.

May, 1974.

French Cardinal Danielou's sensational death.

"Mimi Santoni, the prostitute saw him fall to his knees ...."

By Paul Likoudis in The Wanderer Catholic newspaper. Thursday, May 31, 2012.

Article's title:

"Conference in Rome ends Silence on Cardinal Danielou"

"But the mystery of his death and of the taciturn explanation that followed it must also be resolved.

"Mimi Santoni, the prostitute, saw him fall to his knees with his face on the floor before he breathed his last.

"And to her it was a good death for a cardinal.

"He had gone to bring her money to pay for a lawyer capable of getting her husband out of prison.

"It was the last of his works of charity carried out in secret, on behalf of despised persons in need of help and forgiveness.

"The Jesuits conducted exhaustive investigations to discover the truth.

"They ascertained his innocence.

"But they also shrouded the case in a silence that did not dispel the suspicions.

"The rupture between Danielou and his other Jesuit confreres in Paris and the rest of France  was in effect the true origin of the neglect that fell upon this great theologian and cardinal ..."

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