Friday, August 17, 2012

Compared to Hell, Purgatory Rocks!

"When you die, you will find yourself on an escalator...

"It will be either the down escalator or the up escalator ....."

Snippets from Karl Keating's Commentary: One - Way Ticket. Page 2 of the current Catholic Answers Report..

"After death, you will not have a chance  to choose which escalator you prefer, that choice you already will have made in life, and it is a choice that becomes irrevocable at death.

"You will find yourself on the down escalator if you die graceless, in the  state of mortal sin.

"The down escalator has no intermediate landing. 

"Once on it, you are deposited quickly at the bottom and will be among those who, like you, have chosen creature over Creator.

"On the other hand, if you die repentant and in the state of sanctifying grace, you will find yourself on the up escalator..

"Unlike the down escalator, this on has an intermediate landing.

"Most people who take the up escalator exit on that landing temporarily.

"You probably will be among their number.

"The reason is found in Revelation 21: 27, which says that nothing unclean shall enter  heaven.

"Although bound for heaven because you have died in the state of grace, you likely will not be thoroughly spotless at death.

"Some uncleanliness will remain, some attachment to sin, no matter how minor.

"Thus you stop at the intermediate landing, a way station where you will remain as long as needed  to clean up those moral smudges.

"We call this  intermediate landing purgatory..

"No one stays on there forever..

'[Unlike the saints] our journey will have been a bit longer, but the destination will be the same..."

Knock 'em dead, Brother Karl! :)


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