Friday, September 21, 2012

Piedras Negras Mexican News Radio aka Información sin fronteras...

1755 hours. Thursday, September 21, 2012: Paloma Vega and Graciela Hernandez and Reynaldo Peña have just checked in, and Graciela is speaking: 

"Late breaking news: at approximately 4:30 pm this afternoon four armed suspects were detected traveling in a grey vehicle in the vicinity of López Mateos and Ramón Cepeda ... 

"Ruben is out there right now, microphone in hand, adelante Ruben -- what's the latest?

"Well it looks like the authorities have cordoned - off the scene, Graciela.

"But we're told three people are dead and - maybe - one more is in custody.

"So what happened?

"We're simply told that the sospechosos shot  at a roving patrol of Los GATES -- and died shortly thereafter... etc... (a pause!) Back over to you Graciela ... 

NOTE: Los GATES is the Spanish acronym for Special Armed Tactical  Goups.   Crack shots every one ... :)


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