Friday, October 26, 2012

Cowboy Fiction!

About those days of long ago:

"When only the bad died old ..."

Lauran Paine's Tomahawk Meadow.
"Ladd Buckner, a stranger to the small town of Piñon, Arizona Territory, makes a favorable impression on the townspeople when he joins a range crew from the Muleshoe Ranch under attack by renegade Apaches.

"Buckner buys the local saddle  shop from its aged owner.

"But the way he stitches a saddle makes the local doctor suspicious.

"He passes that on to the marshal, who makes inquiries.

"When the marshal is killed in a daring bank robber, a letter in his pocket states that Buckner had served a term in prison -- for bank robbery..."

Oh, my! Oh, my! :) 

Two items in Today's News from Inside The Vatican's email service: 

1) Bishop Williamson finally sacked.

2) Pope Benedict XVI's announces another six (6) new Cardinals.   Once more,  Archbishop José Horacio Gómez ignored... :) 


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