Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"'In October of 2006, a teenage girl from Atlanta desired an unnatural relationship with another teenage girl, 

but the desire wasn't mutual ..."

 A snippet from Thaddeus J. Kocinski's article We're all Traditionalists Now: The Priority of Praxis to Theoria in the Culture War. 

In The Latin Mass magazine, Christmas 2013. 

"... As a consequence the girl -- as we know from the text messages she was sending at the time of the incident -- tried to kill herself by driving head - on into a randomly - selected car.

"The girl survived, but the driver in the other car did not.

"She was the mother of three children, one of them a six - year - old girl.

"This seems to me beyond ordinary wickedness.

"It only takes a moment of reflection to recognize the profound evil of this crime, the senselessness of it, its utter banality and absurdity.

"These words don't even do it justice -- even the word evil seems wanting ..."

Good point, SeƱor! :)     


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