Monday, January 14, 2013

Meanwhile, in a remote, largely unpopulated part of the Still - Developing Third World ...! :)

Southwest Texas, U.S.A.

Last call for Away in a Manger ♪  ...

A Full Ministerial Team  Rocks!

At 5:30 pm Mass at Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church

Brackettville, Texas 78832

Father Antonio "Tony" Moreno was celebrant, assisted by the Rev. Mr. James "Jimmy" Bader, Deacon.

Altar Server TEAM Mr. Justin Hidalgo and Mr. Moses Hernandez, Jr.

TEAM MOMS Patti and Chica.

Extraordinary Ministers Mr. John Carlson and Mr. Duke Meek.

Usher TEAM Mr. George Nicolai's!

Choir DIRECTOR Mrs. Lynn McNew

LECTOR Ms. Pat Hidalgo.

Way to go, great people!! :)


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