Monday, January 07, 2013

Here's to a fifty - three year - old ex - Parisian nightclub singer --

Father Michel - Marie Zanotti - Sorkine.

"In Marseilles ... New Evangelist wins converts"

To the offended woman I say: send me your husband, I will talk to him...

Snippets from The Wanderer Catholic newspaper, issue of Thursday, December 20, 2012.

"Reporting for L'Avvenire, Marina Corradi profiled a priest in Marseilles,  pastor of St. Vincent de Paul in a rundown section of the city who  is making converts the old - fashioned way..."

As Corradi herself tells us:

"That black tunic fluttering along Rue Canabiere among a crowd more Maghrebi  then French, makes you turn around.

"Check it out, a priest, and dressed like once upon a time, on the streets of Marseilles.

"He sang in the nightclubs in Paris, was ordained only eight years ago and since then has been pastor here at Saint Vincent de Paul..."

When asked about helping - out others, the priest says, in part:

"Those who seek me out, are asking first of all for human assistance, and I try to give all the help possible.

"Not forgetting  that the beggar needs to eat, but also has a soul.

"To the offended woman I say: send me your husband; I will talk to him.

"But then, how many come to say that they are sad, that their lives are no good.

"Then I ask them: how long has it been since you went to confession?

"I am convinced that what makes people suffer is the lack of the sacraments...

Also, "I  see grace at work, and that people change.."

When asked about the New Evangelisation,  he adds:

"Look, the older I get, the more I understand what Benedict XVI says: everything truly starts afire from Christ ..

"We can only return to the source..."

Amen! :)


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