Thursday, March 21, 2013

Flyer for Not Peace but a Sword  -- from Catholic Answers!

"What Are the Real Facts About Islam?

"And why are so many Catholics dead set on ignoring  them?"

"A Religion of Peace?"

"To hear many people tell it, Islam is a religion of  peace.

"It's understandable that Muslim apologists would say that about their faith, but even many leaders in the formerly Christian West are saying it, and it is patently false.

"To be sure, there are many Muslims who want nothing to do with violence, who want only to live their lives peacefully, the same as the rest of us-- but there is still an undeniable link between Islam and violence.

"That link goes back to Muhammad, the founding prophet of Islam, who grew up in the brutal world of ancient Arabia.

"Muhammad's status as an Arabian warlord left an enduring stamp on the religion he founded, and since his time,  jihad has been a goal and an obligation for his followers.

"That means that when Christians engage in dialogue with Muslims, they need to be clear - eyed about the attitudes they are dealing with ..."    

Interesting perspective, huh? :)


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