Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dr. Timothy O'Donnell, President of Christendom College thumbs his nose at fellow Catholic University CEOs! :) 

"There's no doubt about it: we're losing the culture war..."

Snippets from a recent fundraising letter ...

"Look no further than  our nation's Catholic colleges and universities.

"Am I exaggerating?

"Sadly, no.

"Here's a sampling of some recent events on U.S. Catholic campuses:

"Sex Positive Week, sponsored by university feminist and homosexual groups.

"A talk called Relationships Beyond Monogamy, presented by a pornographic film director.

"Color of Queer Film Series, featuring a movie about a male police officer who seduces a 12 - year - old boy.

"Transgender Awareness Week, during which students were encouraged to come to class in gender - bending outfits.

"How is this possible?

"[M]ost Catholic schools aren't really Catholic anymore.

"And while there are several reasons for that, one of the most significant has been overlooked: the corrupting effects of federal government subsidies.

"It began in 1965, when LBJ's Omnibus Education Act made millions of federal dollars available to Catholic colleges -- in exchange, you might say, for their souls ...

"Every Catholic college, that is, except one..."

Way to go, SeƱor! :)

Christendom College


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