Monday, April 15, 2013

Salute to  Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie!

His superb Literary Masterpiece is still our "best friend" -- especially in Medieval Roman Catholic field anthropology! --  going on 34 years now.

Whether in modern French original as Montaillou village occitan de 1294 à 1324 or in English translation as Montaillou the promised land of error. 

Believe you me: thanks to the methodology in Montaillou we had no problem in spotting similarities between Occitanian France 700 years ago and Roman Catholic Brackettville today, where a sort of neo - Albigensianism still has a firm grip!   

Which makes "us" the same sort of remote, rural so - called gnostic - fantasy enclave, believe it or not!

After all: "Quien no conoce a Dios, ante cualquier palo se le hinca..."  :)


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