Monday, August 05, 2013

"Why Be Catholic?" VII

The undisputed evangelical truth ...

"Through the Church's quality of being both united and universal, we celebrate its diversity as well."

"The Church's practice welcomes a variety of schools of spirituality, from the Benedictine focus on liturgical prayer balanced with work to the Franciscan emphasis on poverty and humility, from the Carmelite concentration on contemplation to the Ignatian embrace of the intellect and of surrender to God's will.

"Those who pray in the extraordinary form of the Mass are as welcome as are those who participate in the charismatic movement or those who follow the Catholic Worker movement.

"Though Jesus is the only way, truth, and life, Catholics come to Jesus by a variety of routes ..."

Way to go, Father Clay Hunt III, Dean of the vast mostly underpopulated Uvalde Deanery -- over 100 miles from East to West! :) 


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