Thursday, September 19, 2013

Even with no deacon nor servers, Saint Mary Magdalen Catholic Church's Saturday liturgy well - supported.

Brackettville, Texas 78832.
Saturday, September 14, 2013. 5:30pm English Mass.

Celebrant -- Father Johnson Machado.

Homilist -- Father Machado -- from Luke 15:1-30 -- "The Prodigal and his Brother show us, brothers and sisters, the misery of sin.

"Both of them had serious spiritual problems, although the oldest brother was too self - righteous to know this!

"Meanwhile, the father is the example of God as the all - merciful Father..."

EMHCs -- Mrs. Jamie Ballew, Mr. Pat Melancon and Mr. Jim Burns.

Lector -- Mrs. Jamie Ballew.

Ushers -- Mr. George Nicolai and Mr. Faustino Sandoval.

Before - Mass 5 - Decade Rosary Leader -- Mr. George Nicolai.

Choir -- Mrs. Lynn McNew.

Way too go, great and wonderful good people! :) 


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