Friday, January 23, 2009

UTEP Prospector's Mr. Jesús Martinez: "Hook - up with hookah"

Sumatra Hookah Bar offers students, soldiers a unique spot to unwind

Freshman English lit. major: "...smoking is what keeps our bond close together..."

Adapted from the very first Spring Semester edition of the UTEP Prospector, January 20, 2009.

"A new semester usually brings back stress and even though some students prefer to drink their stress away,others would rather blow it up in smoke.

"Nearby campus, some students head off towards the Sumatra Hookah Lounge in an effort to forget their troubles and make some new friends in the process.

"It is seen as a popular hot spot for students to lay off some steam and study for their classes.

"Ms. María Sally Castaneda, a Sumatra employee, said, It gets busy on the weekends, so they get more work done during the week.

"The fact that the lounge fills up very quickly fails to stop students like Ms. Patricia Piña, freshman English literature major, from going.

"Ms. Piña said, It's very relaxing and there is a lot of good energy throughout the place; after finals, I went there just to forget my troubles and not worry if I passed or failed...

"Ms. Piña started going to hookah lounges when she turned 18 and has gone regularly since them.

"She added that the hookah lounge is what keeps her childhood friends together.

"Ms. Piña said, We've grown apart and don't have anything in common anymore, but smoking is what keeps our bond close together..."

Wow! ¡Guau! A good read....:)


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