Friday, January 23, 2009

Nairobi Cardinal John Njue "condemns pro - abortion legislation"

"Statement draws editorial fire"

Adapted from the original news item in "The Catholic World Report," January 2009.

"Cardinal John Njue of Nairobi led a demonstration on November 16 against legislation that would legalize abortion in Kenya.

"In a homily following the demonstration, Cardinal Njue decried foreign pressure to legalize abortion and said, I appeal to you young people of this country, not to be party to this anti - human - dignity move, while you women, you should not allow your wombs to be turned into slaughterhouses.

"Cardinal Njue's staunch pro - life advocacy, evinced in a September 28 pastoral letter, was blasted in the Daily Nation, Kenya's largest newspaper, which supports the move toward legal abortion."


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