Friday, January 30, 2009

UTEP Prospector's Mr. Justin Anthony Monarez has this weeks story!

"From student to school board trustee"

The ongoing Teen Spirit saga of Tanya Loya

Adapted from The UTEP Prospector, January 27, 2009.

"Business cards populate white - collar America and indicate professionalism in an individual.

"It is not common for a teenager to have her own set of cards, but an accomplished teen spirit like junior political science major Tanya Loya is far and few between.

" Loya, 18, has responsibilities that students he rown age an din some cases, people generations ahead of her cannot juggle.

"Not only is she a full - time student at UTEP, Loya is also a Socorro Independent School District board trustee representing the district at - large.

"She was unanimously appointed to the vacant seat Nov. 17 after Mr. Joe Sarabia resigned the position.

Regarding her luck in getting appointed in the first place, Ms. Loya had no illusions:

"Loya said, I was in shock considering I was the underdog going in. I was very pleased to know that they are willing to rely [on], teach and trust someone that they know is going to be taking the district in a couple of years.

"Loya and six other board members are held accountable for 25 elementary schools, 14 middle schools, six high schools and a multi - million dollar budget.

"As an at - large board trustee, she is the voice for nearly 40,000 students within the district.

"Loya has virtually twice the UTEP enrollment to worry about..."

Way to go, Tanya! :)

¡Ora, MEChA!

¡Adelante, DESTINO!

¡Ora, UTEP!


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