Friday, February 20, 2009

BHS Class of 2006's Ms. Tanya Marie Molinar makes prestigious Dean's list at St. Edward's U. in Austin!

Adapted loosely from this original source: a photo caption below Ms. Molinar's picture on page 3 of The Brackett News, Thursday, February 19, 2009.

"Ms. Tanya Marie Molinar, 2006 BHS graduate, has once again been named to the Dean's list at Saint Edward's University for the Fall of 2008 semester.

"Tanya is currently a junior, majoring in Psychology and Spanish.

"In order to qualify for the prestigious Dean's list, a GPA of 3.5 must be obtained."

Personal Note:

Folks, that means that she is competing against students, national and international, from freshmen to seniors.

For example, in the UTEP's Dean's list for the fall semester of 2003 , such friends and fellow classmates as UTEP Miner's specialty kicker Bryce Benekos, and MEChA president Martha Marty Luna -- along with yours truly -- were among the "minority" out of the roughly 3.75 - 4.0% of the total UTEP student enrollment of maybe 18,000 to make it.

A very big percentage would have been students from both East and South Asia as well as students from Africa, Mexico and who knows where...

For me, in particular it was a unique experience, inasmuch as my next university - wide recognition was getting the seat of my pants zonked with a UTEP Disciplinary Suspension good to last through "12/31/99."

Believe it, or not! :)

Personally, my only regret was that I left with what is known as an Institutional GPA of 3.8 instead of what I still believe was the 3.9 GPA I fairly earned; however, we fought for that extra point for nearly a year and a half -- UTEP assigned me a fine rep at no cost to yours truly -- and we still lost, so there you go! :)


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