Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Toowoomba bishop William Morris under scrutiny from Catholic Church"

He says:

"The ultimate outcome is I'd be sacked and have to stand down."

Adapted from this source: By Ms. Alison Sandy and Margaret Wenham, February 12, 2009 11:00 p.m.

"In the wake of rebel South Brisbane priest Father Peter Kennedy's dismissal, Toowoomba Bishop William Morris had admitted he's also under investigation after discussing the prospect of women or married priests in a pastoral letter.

"The 65 - year - old said the investigation had been going on for two years, but a decision had not yet been made.

"[H]e said, the ultimate outcome is I'd be sacked and have to stand down."

Brackettville - style sons - of - female canines not a large majority, but!

"Bishop Morris said there was a group of very conservative Catholics dubbed the temple police who traveled around parishes dobbing in priests who didn't toe the [Christian? :) ] line.

"[H]e said, There are plenty of temple police around at the moment. They're not a large majority -- they believe in their conservative [= Catholic Christian?! :) ] views and if they don't agree with something, they'll write to Rome [which inflames Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic clergy, too, just like it does this clown!].

"Bishop Morris aid he hoped the investigation would be concluded this year, but even if he was sacked, he would still retain his title.

"He said the same applied to Fr. Kennedy even if he was excommunicated."

"Father Kennedy's administration of St. Mary's was terminated, effective February 21 [2009], by Archbishop Bathersby last Friday, following a series of exchanges between the two men.

"Police paid a visit to Father Kennedy ahead of his impending eviction from St. Mary's South Brisbane."

Meanwhile back at the Ranch, or the Aussie Station..

"Brisbane Catholic Archbishop John Bathersby would not comment on the investigation of Bishop Morris except to say that Rome was constantly looking at such situations..."


Rome sure enough DOES constantly look at such situations...

What's more it's slowly, oh so very slowly beginning to percolate here locally in Brackettville, Texas 78832, that Rome is not entirely ignorant of such aberrations hereabouts as old time indoor paper trash burning pagan mitotes and / or straight forward pagan demon - spirit worshiping mitotes at St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish Church.

And when Rome finally and leisurely decides to act, it does precisely that!


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