Wednesday, March 04, 2009

"Oni Otscha" -- "White Man!"

Now, dig this!

"[T]he Catholic Igbo Tribe of Nigeria still sees children as a great blessing from God"

Adapted from Mr. Joseph Sullivan, MJ's article in Miles Jesu magazine, February 2009. Online, too, at . "A Warm Welcome in Nigeria."

Meet Mr. Joseph Igboekwene, of Miles Jesu Nigeria!

"The clinic in Umouji, run by the Onitsha men's community, is doing well.

"Every Thursday there is always a big line of people waiting to be attended to.

"Joseph Igboekewene, MJ is doing an excellent job taking care of the medical needs of the villagers.

"Joseph is trained as a pharmacist, including hematology and bacteriology.

"Regarding the clinic in Umouji, Joseph says, The need for it is essential. So many people are sick with easily manageable diseases, but they have no money and fear going to hospitals for a variety of reasons. People are dying unnecessarily from diseases that could be easily cured. The villages need it the most. People are afraid to open up about their ailments, but when they know you're a missionary it relaxes them and they easily open up about their problems.

"It is very difficult to get reliable medicine in Nigeria because of the many frauds and dubious markets.

"Imagine being given fake medicine for a life threatening, but easily curable disease!"

Now we visit Eziowelle, Cardinal Francis Arinze's original home

"There are currently 10 boys in our home for less fortunate boys in Eziowelle.

"The chapel is the nicest part of the house.

"In 2003, His Eminence Francis Cardinal Arinze consecrated the chapel himself.

"Cardinal Arinze is originally from Eziowelle and was delighted to give the Miles Jesu home for boys a special blessing.

"Some some of the children in our homes in Nigeria have good and loving families, but they ask us to help raise their children out of material necessity.

"Despite the poor circumstances of many families, they are rich in spiritual resources.

"Their very strong faith and their joyful and always happy spirit is inspiring

"Amidst a modernly pagan world [as we've even seen demonstrated here in Brackettville's Catholic community!] that is constantly telling them not to have children, the Catholic Igbo Tribe of Nigeria still sees children as a great blessing from God and even [as] a symbol of progress."

Contrast this attitude with that expressed by U.S. Catholic's Karen Kirkwood, telling us about "a North American priest friend" with whom she "had had lively, heated discussions in the past concerning birth control, homosexuality, and other hot topics."


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