Friday, June 08, 2012

"A Film Review ... Cristero War Hits The Big Screen"

By Michael J. Miller.  The Wanderer Catholic newspaper. Thursday, June 7, 2012. 


"Actor Ruben Blades gives  a downright chilling portrayal of Calles as a brilliant, dispassionate, but ruthless leader who doggedly applies revolutionary logic in ruling a deeply religious nation. 

"For Greater Glory is stirring in the scenes that show General Gorostieta, literally back in the saddle, taking charge of the assorted bands of rebels, some of them led by rustic heroes, others by a priest, Fr. Vega.

"Although vastly outnumbered by the federal forces, the Cristeros begin to win a series of victories once they have central command and a coordinated strtaegy.

"The battle scenes, filmed on location in picturesque canyons and rural villages, are spectacular.

"The film does seriously address the moral ambivalence of lethal combat in the name of the Christian faith.

"A speech by Gorostieta as he leads his men into battle describes the cause of the Cristeros as self - defense against violent repression.

"The general is gradually converted by the dedicated witness of his fellow soldiers ...

"The film was released on June 1.

"For a trailer and information about theaters, visit ..."

Sounds like a pretty good movie, huh? :)


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