Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Live Your Faith: Mary's Perpetual Virginity

 "Didn't Jesus Have Brothers And Sisters? Part I."

Abbreviated snippets from Raymond De Souza, KM's article
 in The Wanderer Catholic newspaper. Thursday, September 20, 2012.

"1) There is never in Sacred Scripture any mention of Mary's children. Jesus' brothers and sisters, yes -- not Mary's children. Never.

"2) The Holy Family left for Egypt and came back after the death of Herod -- there is no mention whatsoever of a second child born  in exile.

"If it had happened, why is there no mention of such a fortunate one?

"Surely to be  a true blood-brother  of the Savior deserves a  mention in the Bible! 

"3) The Child Jesus at the age of 12 was found in the Temple after three days.

"In twelve years, it would be natural for them to have a child or two.

"But no.

"No mention  of any other child.

"If they existed, there would have been at least a mention of them such as, Mary and Joseph left their younger children, Rebecca, Jonathan, and the pesky little David with the folks in the caravan  and went  back to Jerusalem, or something like  that.

"But nothing of the sort is registered.

"4) Our Lord gave His Mother to the care of St. John, who was a close relative.

"In the Jewish culture of those days, if you had blood brothers, you would not leave your mother in the care of strangers or even cousins.

"Since Jesus left her to the care of St. John, that's because she did not have other children ..."

Way to go, SeƱor! :)


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