Thursday, March 12, 2009

Local feedback in Brackettville's developing Rev. Zumaya sex scandal

Random input drawn from a number of sources:

(1) Accused sexual predator Zumaya had at least one nubile young man staying overnight at his rectory from time to time, people wondered.

(2) Correction: a lot of people wondered.

(3) He was soooo... artistic and talented.

(4) When making his final trip back to Mexico due to heart attacks, he had a cool 60 grand in the bank. But, it just gradually faded away [Final protection money owed to the so -called Lavender Mafia? Those fellow archdiocesan priests and monsignors typically found all across America, involved in combination protection - shake - down operations for militantly homosexual predators].

(5) Oh! He was such a holy person. You know? He even told me that Bishop Flores urged him to become a priest.

(6) Oh! How did you know? Yes! He was an actor. In a big theater. Los Azteca, or something like that...

(7) He made field trips with the kids, always taking them places like Lake Amistad, etc...

(8) Oh, yeah! That young guy? Was he an altar boy? You ask'en me? Gee, I dunno. I think so... His parents are [were?] pretty rich, you know? But like I told you before he really beat the *?!**ยก out of another guy at [some school]. Must of cost a fortune to hush it up. Why did he do it? You mean like why? [A shrug of the shoulders] How would I know why he did it? But his parents were really rich ... Must of cost them an arm and a leg. Had to really promise the court some wild stuff. 'Cause that' s the only way it's done here in Texas ...

(9) Well, if that other kid they're talking about had sex with all three priests at San Fernando, he must have really liked know? ...

(10) Oh, he was such a lovely man ...I even met his mother, too. A lovely person...

(11) Archbishop Flores' fault? Oh, no! That's not true! You see, Archbishop Flores is retired. Oh, no, he can never be held responsible. Poor thing. It's Archbishop Gomez who's in charge now. So I guess it all happened because of him...all these bad things they're saying happened ...Archbishop Gomez is responsible :)

Oh, no. I most certainly was not aware that the K.C.s knowingly covered for Father Zumaya! My goodness! That's sooo shocking! Who'd ever believe such a thing? Are you really, really sure? ... :)


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