Friday, April 27, 2012

"Mother and I are on a mission to prove to the world that, first of all,

"Nijinsky was not a homosexual.

"He did what he did out of necessity, basically to support his family ..." 

Snippets from Dexter Duggan's fascinating April 6 Wanderer interview with 91 year old Tamara Nijinsky and her own daughter, Kinga Gaspers .

It's  titled Nijinsky Legacy Lives on with his Daughter. 

In The Wanderer Catholic newspaper.

Thursday, April 26, 2012.

More snippets:

"The Kiev - born Nijinsky was nine to ten years old when his mother moved to pre - Communist St. Petersburg, Russia, where Nijinsky grew up, spoke Russian, and was accepted into the czar's ballet school, Tamara says.

"[Granddaughter] Gaspers says it was well known that both the school's male and female dancers were passed on to royalty for their [sexual] pleasure, then the young Nijinsky was given to the ballet company's considerably older male impresario as a lover.

"When the impresario later learned that Nijinsky, far away from his control, had married Romola, he is said to have flown into a rage and dismissed Nijinsky from the dance company.

"Asked if he [Nijinsky] was known to have repented or stated his regret over this, [granddaughter] Gaspers says yes, he did so in his unexpurgated diary ..."

Fine and informative read!:)

This insight into "Rasputin's Imperial Russia" echoes the early - life English school - boy forced homosexual experiences of the novelists Graham Green and  Evelyn Waugh -- exemplified by  the latter through the male characters in his Brides Head Revisited and exemplified by the former in  his own  publicly self - destructive life style.  


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