Friday, March 13, 2009

"Zumaya and White were accused of molesting other teens years ago and punished"

Humm ... o.k.! Like how, precisely?

I guess that in Zumaya's case, his a*** was punished by being sent to Brackettville, where the K.C.'s could be relied upon "to take care of him."

Who knows? Just maybe the Reverend Father Zumaya was himself a K.C. What a joke, and most surely not true, right? :)

Adapted from Mr. Abe Levy's sensational front page exposé in The San Antonio EXPRESS - NEWS, Tuesday, March 10, 2009.

Now the story:

"Archdiocese reveals sex abuse claims against priests"

"Allegations dating to late 1970s involving male teen believable; 3 clerics no longer in ministry here."

" By Abe Levy .

"The Archdiocese of San Antonio said Monday that it considers believable allegations that three former priests sexually abused a male teenager more than 25 years ago.

"Louis White, Father Larry Hernandez and Father David Zumaya were associate pastors of San Fernando Cathedral for varying years between 1978 and 1982, when the alleged abuse took place, according to the archdiocese.

"The victim, who is now in his late 40s, also claims Zumaya molested him at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Carrizo Springs.

"Zumaya and White were accused of molesting other teens [including at least 1 or more here in Brackettville, and only then shipped to the tender, watchful care of the K.C.s in Nixon?!] years ago and punished, said Pat Rodgers, archdiocese spokes man.

"The men's history was kept secret until now."


"The victim contacted the archdiocese in light of Pope Benedict's apology to victims of sex abuse by priests during his historic U.S. visit a year ago, Rodgers said.

"The pope also called for sex abuse victims to contact Catholic officials."

"The pope also called for sex abuse victims to contact Catholic officials."

Wow! No wonder our local KCs hate the Pope's guts! :)

The Pope spoke directly to la gente, as a charismatic believer in the Lord Jesus Christ himself he surely knew the strangle hold the Lavender Mafia has on the Church in many dioceses here in North America.

Unlike other KC.'s -- for example in downtown Houston, Texas -- our local pro - abortion / wishy - washy on abortion K.C.'s put in effect a sort of improvised news black out here locally during Pope Benedict's visit to America last year: and that includes our fearless deacons -- all 3 -- plus Fr. Anton Quang Dinh Van, who's own legal status still seems murky, as does that of Rev. Father Pedro Molina, for whatever reason, in either case.

Back to basics:

"David Zumaya

1977 - 78; our BOTH Our Lady of Grace AND Our Lady of Sorrows, in San Antonio.

1978 - 80: Scared Heart, Uvalde.

1980 St. Gregory the Great, San Antonio.

1980 - 82: San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio.

1982 - 86: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Carrizo Springs.

1986 - 1995 [At last! A community whose K.C.s really went the extra mile to cover for this sexual predator!] St. Mary Magdalene, Brackettville.

1995 - 98: St. Joseph, Nixon.

1998: Priestly faculties suspended, left the ministry and retired to Mexico.
Adapted from this source: Mr. Abe Levy's sensational front page exposé in the San Antonio Express - News, Tuesday, March 16, 2009."


(210) 250 - 3465.

Att: Mr. Abe Levy


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