Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"How to evangelize Hispanic Catholics..."

Leading them astray in Chicago ...

The curse of Padre Gringo ...

Snippet of original by Rey Flores. In The Wanderer, Thursday, January 24, 2013.

In Chicago,"there are at least a couple dozen huge parishes located in Hispanic neighborhoods that almost always have the stereotypical white, liberal pastor.

"Padre Gringo -- insert the name Larry, Tony, Bruce, or Mike here -- with his social justice and Liberation Theology agendas, tends to decide what is most important to his flock.

"It is Padre Gringo who tells his Hispanic parishioners that immigration is the first and foremost social issue that they should be concerned with.

"Never mind all that silliness about  homosexuality or abortion and contraception.

"What is most sad here is that the communities then start to worship the pastor almost more than Jesus.

"The next time you want to lead a rosary at the nearest abortion mill or have a pro - life or pro - family activity at your parish, reach out to some of these parishes ..."

But! Beware!

"You will definitely face opposition by some bishops, pastors, parish staffers, and other so - called leaders in these communities..."

Good points, SeƱor! :)


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